BLOG 8: The Diana & Or Motown Show


Following on from my blog entry a year ago titled “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”, I took the advice and inspiration of my two singing colleagues and created and invested in my own tribute act. This was quite a large investment for me to make, going without some luxuries and to obtain the full P.A system at a cost of £3,500. This process took around 6 months as my show went live properly in January, with my ‘Dress Rehearsal’ being a live paid Xmas Eve gig at the local Wheatley WMC… no pressure there then, but my close friends and family were there cheering me on.
The anxiety and nerves were horrendous, but I somehow managed to channel it and do a pretty okay 1st show, and since then it has gone from strength to strength. There is no better way to perfect and master a show than to perform it to an audience every weekend… on the job training and experience as the P.A and sound were never my domain. I’d just turn up and sing as opposed to now having full responsibility for everything.
So, in essence the show is ready for me to happily and confidently promote as the response I’m receiving is so humbling, I really do LOVE my job!
Luckily enough for me I met a great producer and sound engineer who roadied with me for the 1st few months, just to ensure all was sharp and tip top sound wise. So I would say “THANK YOU!”
I would also like to take this opportunity to formerly thank Lance & Paul (aka StarStar) for investing their personal time and effort in helping me with all the technicalities involved with equipment, bespoke programmes and sound etc, because they always believed in me since my singing journey began 8 years ago. So Gentlemen if you’re reading this (which i hope you are) “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!”
My final and biggest thank you has to go to my Lord God in heaven, I am so thankful for his love and my blessings even though I sometimes don’t always say and or show it!
Please do feel free to share my page incase anyone out there would like to book.
Peace Out

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