Diana Ross Tribute

The iconic legend of motown Miss Diana Ross started her career within the most successful girl band of motown, with 16 smash hits… 12 being number 1. After 11 glorious years leading the band, Diana left to pursue her Solo career, taking the world on a definitive divas journey through the ages.

Soul & Motown is a musical genre that I was raised with since being in the womb, and one that has stayed with me throughout the years… it has the power the shift moods, change lives and tell normal life stories through a stunning blend of sensational sounds and vocals. It’s significant and unexpected rise in the sixties still remains in the hearts of all today, to be enjoyed forever.

My mother loved her and played her music always. This is where my love and passion for Diana Ross originates from and I want to ensure that her music, style and presence lives on.


New Diana Ross Promo 2023


Set list songs to include:
I’m Coming Out
Baby Love
Chain Reaction
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…
…and many more