About Me

Ever since I can remember Ive always loved performing with a passion and natural flare for all that is creative. Something about expressing how I felt, it was, me . . .

But as with all creative passions, I got sidetracked by the ‘more pressing things in life’. I studied for my degree, pushed forwards in my career, and nurtured a wonderful family. I felt I had achieved everything people are meant to want, but something else was missing, something small maybe, and yet so important to me.

I have sung since I was old enough to control my voice box. As a young child, my mum always heard me singing around the house. At school my friends would call me ‘karaoke lady’ and encourage me to sing more. As I grew older I began to sing professionally in club-land on the WMC and in the holiday camps scene. It was a fantastic experience to gather vocal strength, stage presence and to entertain people from the stage, but I always knew there was more . . .

I am far too creative to be singing other peoples songs, so as a writer, it is now time to feel my own style and flow and share this with others. My vocal inspirations have been artists like: Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and many more. I listen to and appreciate all music genres within reason, and am willing to explore new sounds. I am currently enjoying working with an acoustic guitarist Robert James Selby who has opened up a new world of music to me.

Classically trained in tap, ballet, modern and stage with medals, trophies, certificates and shows… I love to dance. For my dance school I the first ever student dance teacher to be asked to assist the teacher on a Saturday morning with the baby class. After a year I was given my own 2 classes to have full responsibility for. For example, annual show work choreography and examination preparation and choreography.

I have always had a passion for fashion, beauty and modeling. When I began to develop my creative career professionally I was asked to model along side other works. This quickly developed into multiple shoots and I have many more to come in a multitude of different styles and genres. Modeling fits along side everything else I do so well and allows me to directly express strong thoughts, feelings and emotions, as, we all know, the camera doesn’t lie!

As a creative dynamic artist I am now looking to enter the entertainments industry and spread my wings to explore any opportunities that may be out there.
And also as a hot contender for the crown of Miss Yorkshire 2013 – I am determined for my natural genuine personality to shine through, to assist my style and talent.

“World, if your listening, i’m coming!!!”

Available as a singer, dancer, model for shows, festivals, functions, celebrations, events, workshops, videos, shoots and much more. Please enquire within for more information and or a quotation.