About Me


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved performing with a passion and natural flare for all that is creative. Something about expressing how I felt, it was me… but as with most creative passions, I got sidetracked by the more pressing things in life; studying for my degree and having my first child. I obtained my degree on the seven hills of steel city Sheffield, which I now wish had been within performing arts, although I am still extremely grateful for my knowledge within the social and psychological worlds of Sociology and Psychology. However, I never did utilise my degree and as soon as my daughter was two, I ended up delving head first onto stages with bands. I did this for several years after being scouted at a local Karaoke in Doncaster, where I gained enough experience to invest in my very own small PA system.
I have sung ever since I was old enough to control my voice box, and often referred to as ‘karaoke lady’ throughout my school years. My mother is Diana Ross and the Motown sounds biggest fan, soo naturally I was exposed to this genre since being in the womb. It was around 2014 on a gig bus with the band ‘The Shadows of Motown’ when the lead vocalist highlighted my Diana Ross style and sound, then suggested I did a tribute act to the Queen of Motown herself. So that’s exactly what I did, and I never looked back. My blog page contains a more detailed, chronological account of my journey thus far.
Yes I am a tribute artiste and I absolutely love my job, it is truly an amazing honour and blessing to be able to pay my bills with my passion, but I am also a writer with 2 or 3 albums worth of work ready to produce and put out into the world. My vocal inspirations have been artists like: Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and many more. I listen to and appreciate all music genres within reason, and am willing to explore new sounds.
Throughout my childhood I was classically trained in tap, ballet, modern and stage with medals, trophies, certificates and shows. For my dance school, at age 16, I was the first ever student dance teacher to be asked to assist the teacher on a Saturday morning with the baby class. After a year I was given my own 2 classes to have full responsibility for. This consisted of annual show work, choreography and examination preparation and choreography. I absolutely love to dance and this dancing experience has given me fantastic stage presence to hold my own on some of the biggest stages. I have also been asked to create and deliver dance workshops in the past which again, can be explored further in my blog.
I have always had a passion for fashion, beauty and modeling. When I began to develop my creative career professionally I was asked to model along side other works. This quickly developed into multiple shoots and I am open to many more to come in a multitude of different styles and genres… just call me Mahogany! So I have a natural eye for and attention to detail. I have managed to obtain an array of fabulous Miss Ross attire, fit for any red carpet or high calibre event.
As a creative dynamic artist I am now looking to enter the broader industry worldwide, and spread my wings to explore any opportunities that may be out there.
“World… I’m… Coming… Out!!!”