BLOG 6: The Norwegian Epic – Supreme Dreamgirls

Ever since I was 12, I dreamed of going on a cruise ship. I fell in love with the film Titanic, and the leading star… I’d often daydream with myself on the front of the boat wrapped in Leonardo DiCaprio’s arms. So, when an agent offered me the opportunity of a 2 week cruise as one of the Supreme Dreamgirls, I was ecstatic!

There was one tiny little snag… I had 2 weeks to learn the full 30 minute show; leads, backing vocals and choreography. It was a good job that The Supremes and Motown were my domain or it would never have been enough time.

The intense rehearsals started in my lounge everyday leading up to the big 2 day rehearsal in Blackpool. Before I could even blink, I was packing my case and checking my flight details, then heading for Gatwick to check in for my flight to Barcelona.

The cruise was a Mediterranean one that started at Barcelona, went onto Naples, Livorno, Civitavecchia and, finally, Cannes. This was one week and the route was repeated for the subsequent week. I hadn’t ever before visited any of the above named cities, so this was also an opportunity to explore stunning sceneries and cultures.

When I checked into my cabin I was in absolute awe of the beauty and still in shock that I was actually getting paid to be there… When I woke from my sleep on the first morning, the stunning sea was glistening and gleaming at me underneath the morning sun. I jumped out of bed and ran onto my balcony… I cannot put how it felt into words. As a Piscean I’m naturally drawn to the sea and water and it was complete tranquility and bliss. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

I had so much fun and met some amazing people on my cruise experience, but I can only commit to one per year as I have a little one and it would not be fair to keep disappearing.

Since my last blog entry ‘Standing in the Shadows of Love’ I have indeed invested in my own PA system and tribute show. I can provide a Diana Ross and/or Motown show nationally. I intend to market and promote this as my main focus now in order to get myself established within the industry.

Dreams Come True x x”

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