Prosecco and Peter Andre

Prosecco Prosecco

sharlene and p andre

Since my last TV blog entry ‘Soapland’ I have had many supporting artist and background roles on popular TV shows like Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Cucumber. All enjoyable experiences within their own right and I learnt something different from each one. This equipped me well for the world of TV and I’m now keen to get more of a role. I auditioned for a Hollyoaks casting for two new McQueen sisters… But unfortunately I never got the part. The lady that did audition me said “excellent audition – well done” so it was worth going just for that. 

Recently I have delved into the commercial world of television. My latest appearances have been over Xmas for 2 supermarket Prossecco adverts… And Prossecco happens to be my drink of choice!

Firstly I did the Iceland one with celebrity Peter Andre and it was so much fun. I was a little star struck but made sure I got me a selfie with his gorgeous self.

Second I did the Aldi one with e favourite things sound attached to it. Please do see the below:


I have an Easter commercial shoot in the pipeline at would last 3 days, so fingers crossed I’m cast!

Hope that you see me on TV again very soon… Oh yes you will as I have just recorded a new cooking show series for ITV that will be aired in several months time… watch this space! 😉

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